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Hallo Top Chocolate Cake Batter IceCream

Best Lower-Calorie Ice Cream

Halo Top became a household name for its lower-calorie, higher-protein pints of ice cream, but the one area that felt a little lacking was mouthfeel. It just wasn’t as smooth and creamy as some of the custard-y brands out there—which is why the company set out to reformulate it. Its chocolate cake batter ice cream hits all the right notes (including a rich-yet-not-too-intense cocoa flavor that’ll immediately remind you of swiping a little batter when Mom wasn’t looking).

365 Birthday Cake Blondie Almond Milk Ice cream

Best Crowd-Pleaser


It’s vegan, it’s dairy-free—and it quickly became an editor favorite for its nostalgia-inducing blend of blondie bits and rainbow sprinkles. This Almondmilk-based ice cream is Whole Foods’s first crowd-sourced flavor, voted on by fans of the brand, and our taster says it lived up to the hype. It’s silky, it’s got a solid mix-ins-to-frozen-dessert ratio…just stick a candle on top and you’ve got a birthday party in pint form.


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If you can’t resist the siren’s call of a Mister Softee truck—but you can’t always track one down when a craving strikes—seek out Blue Bunny’s new Twist Cones. Available in vanilla with chocolate fudge or strawberry swirls throughout, these treats have a texture and finish that’s reminiscent of soft serve (so you won’t crack a tooth, even if you dig in when it’s fresh out of the freezer).

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